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Cherry Blossoms



An original acrylic painting on canvas. Painted from my own reference taken on a school run. Initialed on front, signed on the back.


Although the canvas came pre primed with gesso, I wanted to add some textures to the canvas. So with that in mind a layer of gesso tinted with grey was applied with palette knives. Once dried, the cherry blossoms were painted in a few stages, stopping in between to consider carefully the overall balance of the composition and tones. 


Materials used - Loxley canvas, Golden and Winsor Newton professional acrylics. The painting will be sealed with UV varnish.


The sides of the canvas are painted grey so it is ready to hang. Alternately the canvas can also be presented in a floater frame. Please get in touch for information if you would like to purchase this artwork framed.



Cherry Blossoms, An original acrylic painting on canvas

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